PCB, Circuit Board Connecting Components in Electronic Devices

In everyday activities, when the activity or in the exact job we always interact or use electronic tools. For example, television, radio, computers, and other electronic devices. Electronic devices or devices consist of many interconnected components and have their own tasks or functions which are useful for the device to work properly. One thing that we must know together, that electronic devices will be used because there is a flow of electricity that flows in it that can connect all the components that exist.

Then, how the components contained in these electronic devices can be connected to each other for electricity? These components can be interconnected and can be powered because all the components are mounted or attached to a circuit board which is useful for organizing the components inside the device or electronic devices. Of course, with the correct PCB Assembly. The circuit board is also often said to be a PCB board.

Types of PCB

For those of you who have seen PCB board certainly feel that all PCB board is the same and have no difference at all. But in fact, PCB has several types that are divided based on their composition and also based on …

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How to find the best audio equipment for your vlog setup

Most volggers get started using nothing more than a smartphone and a YouTube account, but if you want to take your vlog to the next level, it’s worth considering an upgrade on your audio – the latest smartphone cameras do the job perfectly well, but the audio still leaves a lot to be desired.

So, here’s a run-down of the best audio equipment for your vlog set-up.

A suitable microphone

If you’re looking to improve the audio fidelity of your vlogs, then a new microphone should be top of your shopping list – you might think the microphone in your camera or smartphone is good enough, but it really isn’t. These are basic, consumer microphones, which are not only low quality, but also capture every single sound around you, including the slightest breeze. These omnidirectional microphones can’t isolate the sounds you need.

So, you should arm yourself with a unidirectional cardioid professional microphone, which is made for speech and only record sound from one direction, i.e. your mouth.

There are three main types of microphones you should consider:

  • A condenser microphone – these convert acoustic sounds into electrical signals, and although often used to record music, they are great
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