More or less five billion YouTube clips are being watched all over the world every day. People like to watch video contents; whether it is a short clip of a cat doing stupid stuff or an advertisement of a new product or services, they will be shared and watched by people all over the world.

As an owner of a business, you might be wondering how this will affect you and your business. Well, we are living in a digital age and time, video marketing is starting to be the new way to communicate with your target market and promote your products and services.

With quite a large number of online marketers urging every business owner to use different forms of advertising techniques, it is about time that we take a closer look at why video marketing is an essential and powerful tool.

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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the integration of visual content that is created to promote and market services and products. They are strategically posted where your target market can most likely see them. It may include social media pages, website, streaming platforms, television or any platforms where the clip is used to communicate a target market.

The clips are created with the purpose to make viewers to either take action or learn information about your product or service. Usually, it is a process of businesses using videos to increase sales.

It is one of the most effective forms of online marketing

According to a lot of entrepreneurs, video marketing is the single most crucial technique in content marketing in this digital age. They were always talking about how important it is to share video on social media platforms and target your audience with it.

This form of marketing can increase the relevance of your product or services and strengthen its engagement. When this type is used properly, we can see a dramatic increase in the conversion rate of the website. Posting a good video on the landing page can increase the conversion rate by at least 80{6783419a49d76b7261d8e747c91e8ac150c77132211fb2602d10775476610a37}.

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Overall, companies that use video have seen growth in their annual revenue a lot faster compared to businesses who do not use them. With over 50{6783419a49d76b7261d8e747c91e8ac150c77132211fb2602d10775476610a37} of people watching marketing clips at least once a day, it has the potential to provide higher Return on Investment compared to traditional forms of advertising.

According to eMarketers, people over 18 years old spend more time watching online videos every day than they spend on social media sites or listening to audio contents.

Why is it very important?

It is most apparent where your marketing efforts need to be focused on keeping up with today’s trends. But even with this type of information available, more or less half of the businesses in today’s world are still very naive about this form of marketing. One of the reasons for this is the lack of understanding of how to effectively use this powerful tool.

How to make a good video content that can attract consumers?

Customers demand more contents, and it is starting to proliferate. If you are ready to start using this form of advertisement to grow and expand your target market and be more engaging, listed below are tips on how to do it.

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Know how you want your target market to feel

According to Maya Angelou, “Everyone will forget the words that you say, everyone will forget all the things that you did, but everyone will never forget the feeling you made them feel.” It is valid for both real-life and video marketing. When you are putting together a new concept for a clip, you need to know how you want your target market to react and feel when they watch it.

Look for the BIG idea

Every clip that you create needs to have an overall theme. While it can be a lot of fun to throw in every bit of information in one content, they can sometimes end up to be very overwhelming than beneficial to your business. You need to find a central idea to each material and make sure that everything is covered in the content, and it relates to your brand’s concept.