When your child has a fever, it is very important for his body to get more nutrients than usual. The reason is simple, the body needs more energy to be strong enough to fight the disease that is attacking. By taking medications recommended by your doctor you can redeem medicine at the pharmacy or at the Online Pharmacy and combine natural foods, which are useful in reducing and relieving fever that attacks the body.

Foods that should be consumed are foods that are easily digested so as not to aggravate the work of the digestive system. Then, what foods are good for children when they have a fever?


Fruit, especially those that have an easily digestible texture. In addition, fruit also contains lots of vitamins that can speed up the healing process. Bananas, watermelons, melons that have high water content and help normalize body temperature.

Chicken soup.

This type of food is rich in protein. When mixed with spices, chicken soup is believed to restore reduced appetite. Chicken has an amino acid called cysteine ​​which helps melt mucus in the lungs. Chicken soup also helps the respiratory tract more relieved, and overcome inflammation in the throat.


Apparently, the habit of drinking tea is very good for the body. One glass of warm tea in the afternoon can reduce the risk of catching the flu by 70{cd42a05b420f0f1f58c1e8015f3bc2a19e857bfb03996de673eba0ef607ebfd4}. In Japan, a country known for tea drinking habits, a study says that someone who is used to drinking tea has a high immune system.


During fever, uneven body heat, shivering body. One cup of warm ginger is very useful. Ginger contains natural antihistamine commonly used for cold, cold and headaches.

Chicken porridge.

Eating chicken porridge during a fever helps reduce body temperature. Chicken porridge is also very soft and so easily digested that it will not burden the digestive system in the stomach.

Red onion.

You can provide food containing red onions that have been peeled and washed. Shallots contain vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folic acid. In addition, red onions also contain calcium and iron. Shallots are known as drugs because they contain antiseptic effects and alliin compounds.

Alliin compounds by the enzyme alliinase are then converted to pyruvic acid and ammonia as a bactericidal anti-microbe. Aside from being a mixture of food, children who have the flu or fever, often rubbed onions that have been pureed on the back and abdomen to give a sense of warmth.

Coconut water.

Many contain minerals, including potassium. When the body temperature rises, the body will sweat a lot, to reduce the condition of body temperature when it is hot and to replace the sweat that comes out a lot, you should drink more coconut water.


Contains essential oils, turmerone, curcumin and zingiberene which are useful as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.